Choosing Yogurt Carefully!

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Constipation problems should not be underestimated. Not only because it makes the stomach discomfort such as receive waste in the intestine, digestive problems can also cause complications such as ulcers, hemorrhoids and even colon cancer. For that you need to adjust your diet with plenty of fiber, and exercising regularly. Eating yogurt can also help overcome constipation.

But do not arbitrarily choose yogurt to overcome constipation. One chose the yogurt to make efforts to prevent, let alone treatment, becomes not optimal.

Regina Dr. Karim, Health Marketing Director of Danone, advised to choose yogurt with two criteria, namely:
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Tea Healthier than Water?

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Drinking three or more cups of tea each day may be healthy by drinking enough water. In addition, there are other additional benefits from tea consumption, which help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Extra benefits of tea come from flavonoids, antioxidants found in many plants, including tea leaves. Various studies indicate flavonoids are effective for preventing cell damage.

RUxton nutrition expert Dr Carrie and her team from Kings College London, analyzed the results of research on the effects of tea consumption on human health. They found evidence that drinking three cups of tea per day may reduce the risk of heart attack.

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