A Medical Answering Service Can Benefit Your Practice

Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Service

When you run a medical practice, every call that you receive is of the utmost importance. The patient on the other end may be calling with a medical emergency, to get answers to nagging questions, or to schedule an appointment. If you find yourself facing an overwhelming amount of calls concerning the latter two topics, you may find it more difficult to take care of the more urgent calls in a timely manner. When this becomes a problem, a medical answering service can be the solution that you’re searching for.

A medical answering service is a company that will answer your calls for you in a manner of your choosing. The most common option is to have them handle your after hours calls, but you can also choose to have them handle a portion of your call volume during regular hours as well. During regular business hours they can screen your calls and take care of minor issues themselves. Generic business questions can be answered and appointments can be scheduled while more important issues can be forwarded to you or one of the members of your staff. This leaves both you and your office staff free to handle urgent calls in a more timely manner, while still making sure that other calls are also being handled quickly and professionally.

If you wish to take your answering service to the next level, you can employ the services of a nurse telephone triage. This type of answering service will connect callers with triage nurses which can listen to their complaints and give a diagnosis based on the information given. They can then create an electronic chart, which can be forwarded to you along with an appointment if the patient needs to be scene. These triage nurses are also able to recognize more serious symptoms, and advise the patient to seek the appropriate medical care if the issue should not wait until the next day.

Employing the services of a medical answering service can benefit your practice in many different ways. Not only will you know that your patients are being taken care of even when you’re not available, but it can also leave you and your staff free to focus more on your patients while the medical answering service you’ve employed takes care of the minor tasks, like scheduling appointments. They also allow your patients to speak with a live person when nobody else is available, which can build confidence in your practice and make your patients feel more comfortable.

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    Having the right staff is as important to your business as your medical knowledge. Medical Answering Services Your staff is the one that reaches your clients first.

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