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Treat Yourself Cause Hazards

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JAKARTA, – Drinking drugs without prescription or treat yourself, have long been the habit of our society. This targeted treatment is not exactly making the body more vulnerable to disease and drugs that might damage the body’s own drunk. Not a few people who are reluctant to go to the doctor when sick. Similarly, [...]

Jealousy, Nurse Candidate gulp Baygon

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Love is often blind. Similarly, with Sukasih, 20, Sunday yesterday (25 / 4), at around 10:00. Because of jealousy with her boyfriend, Made Adi, 22, Sukasih, who are still studying at Udayana University’s nursing desperate swig Baygon in her boardinghouse in Panjer, Denpasar. Due to drinking the insect poison she was unconscious. Her action that [...]