Enhance Medical Business Card Templates

Concepts on How to Edit Templates for Interesting Card Prints for Medical Professionals

Business card templates pre-built for medical professionals usually play around white with limited graphics. But sometimes, even in serious professions, adding a little bit of edgy designs and graphics on medical business cards can help doctors, psychiatrists, and surgeons appear less stiff to their clients.
Mainly, a doctor’s primary goal is to alleviate physical and psychological pain and stress from their patients, and to project such service onto their business cards. This way, patients can feel more comfortable when they plan for a yearly check, or worse, a major operation. With online printers, different basic templates for such services are provided, and through looking at their business card samples, you can somehow find many ways to transform each element into something fit for your field or expertise in the medical industry.

1. Use own font variations: If you plan to use a very simple font, you can easily liven up the letters with blended colors. Try using green for your first name, the black for your last name. Other combinations can be light and pointy end tips with dark color fills. Another option can be to use a clearer version of a doctor’s handwriting, or have pointy signature-like edges. The importance is that your name beats the elements that surround the business card.

2. Smudge or distort template photo: Usually, a medical logo of your field works for customers to determine what your area of expertise is. With some templates, you can find these logos available; but to make the design stand out more, try an embossed or engraved effect by sharpening the edges as much as you can.

3. Add or rearrange divisions: Rearranging the elements and their divisions into areas that are not usually used can work; with the right techniques, you can highlight text written diagonally, or focus on one corner area of the business card. with diagonally written content, make the fonts bold and use all caps for a more visible group of letters; try this for your telephone number since this element is better off separated for more function. For text situated on corner areas, you can box in a brief overview of your services. For example, inputting Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, and Family and Marriage Counseling can specify what areas you are offering your target customers.

4. Change colors: Try filling up the background with happier colors; you can still choose conservative shades like beige, light yellow, or mint green to create a less intimidating and trendier yet still professional medical business card.

Staying into traditional design set-ups for business cards is not a requirement; in fact, finding ways to enhance your tools and your services more to target patients can be a good way to build better relationships with your customers.

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