Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

The human body’s natural course ages as time goes by. Our reflexes begin to slow down, our bodies ache and our systems begin to fail. What happens if you are alone and you fall and hurt yourself? There are solutions available that allow emergency responders to be dispatched immediately to your location. They are called medical alert systems.

When you’re older, yet you feel young, time may be your enemy. You want to keep your independence yet you have certain things that age can bring to slow you down. You’re not as healthy as you used to be. You can keep your independence with a medical alert system as you continue to go about your normal daily routine. With the push of one button, emergency services can be dispatched to help immediately.

Seniors can be safe even with the electricity out! Each unit includes a 32 hour back up battery. The medical alert system is easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it into your phone outlet and electrical outlet. You can still use your own landline and accept calls, all the while having the knowledge that you are being looked after 24 /7/ 365.

In the event you require emergency services, you will be pleased at the range of the wireless alert button. Not only is there a speaker unit with hands-free operation, but also it has full range of the full interior of an average sized home as well as exterior coverage. Outside your home you are safe, too. The medical alert system can provide senior safety up to approximately a 400-foot circumference of the home. The speaker is one option on the unit. You also may have a waterproof pendant, necklace or accessory for your belt clip. Are you enjoying your garden on a nice day and feeling chest pains perhaps? Simply depress the panic button to reach the call center.

No matter where you are within your home, you will be able to reach the EMTs with the push of a button. Complete autonomy can be reached, as the alert system is transportable. When you press your emergency or panic button, you enter into a two-way conversation with a member of a very qualified staff trained to aid you in getting the help you need.

There are 30-day trials available and lifetime warranties. Service is available nationwide. Be safe in knowing that when you activate a medical alert signal if the representative does not receive an answer to their greeting, emergency responders are dispatched immediately to your location. The EMTs can reach you inside via a pre-described manner of entry. In case of emergency don’t worry that you can’t get to the door, they’ll be able to get in. The cost of all of this is less than a dollar a day. If you’re concerned about how long the unit stays operable, no need to worry a test signal is sent from the base unit to the monitoring station once a week, verifying its workability.

For added confidence in the knowledge that you are not alone in an emergency, the medical alert system may be just the thing you need. A seniors safety should be treated seriously, you can never predict a fall, a heart attack or simply the lose of breath with no one around. One button. Many people. You will remain well with a medical alert system.

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  2. Gloria Frost Says:

    With medical alert system you can leave your parents alone while you are out for some important work. best part about these little machines is that they are easy to use. Any person can use it any time as they are available in different shapes and sizes.
    My mother wears medical alert necklace all the time as she is a diabetic patient. I simply rely on medical alert. These are a must for seniors.

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