Protecting Your Loved Ones With Medical Alert Dialers

If you have elderly people living with you but are often left alone in the house, or elderly loved ones who wants to be independent and live alone, the best security that you can give them would be medical alert dialers. At a push of an emergency button, distress calls will be made to numbers that are already programmed into the base unit or auto dialer. These units also have speakerphone capabilities that can serve as a two-way communication system between the recipient of the emergency calls and the user so an assessment of the situation can be immediately made.

On top of that, these devices can be used as a stand-alone unit to replace an existing telephone, or can be incorporated in between the telephone and the phone lines. With such set-up there will be no need for a monthly service fee that is typical in most medical alert systems operated by healthcare companies. Having such alert systems can give both the user and their loved ones the peace of mind that ordinary phones could not give and is second only to a paid personal medical monitoring system.

The Elderly and Medical Alert Dialers

As people get older, they are more susceptible to falls and other similar accidents even while inside the comforts of the home. On some occasions, these accidents occur while the elderly is left alone in the house and has no one to call out to for help. They could struggle to get to the phone but in most cases, even getting up from a fall may be too difficult and even dangerous and would not be able to make any calls.

With medical alert dialers, they can still send out emergency calls even while lying down on the floor by pushing the panic button on their medical alert transmitter. The button will then activate the base station and the auto dialer to start making calls using a pre-recorded message to numbers listed in the phone.

Advances in Medical Alert Dialers

Several years back, the elderly and people with certain medical conditions make use of medical alert tags and pendants that contain information regarding the holder’s medical conditions. These include information on diseases, allergies and special medical requirements that the user may not be able to convey to an emergency response unit when emergencies of accidents occur. However, advances in technology have improved this several steps further by making use of wireless systems and USB flash memories.

Now, these alert systems not only carry medical information in both written or electronic means, but it can also make wireless calls to pre-programmed numbers during emergency cases. Such items include the wireless one-touch dialers which can directly call any phones or trigger a base unit to make pre-programmed calls. These alert systems also have GPS capabilities that will help locate users particularly if they are outside of their houses.

If you have loved ones who are susceptible to similar situations and may need some level of security for emergency situations, then it would be best to provide them with medical alert dialers that would suit their situation and lifestyle.

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6 Responses to “Protecting Your Loved Ones With Medical Alert Dialers”

  1. Bryan Says:

    The key to these systems is to make sure the senior wears the button, pendant or wrist band at all times. Most are waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.

  2. Howard Teicher Says:

    Medical Alarm Concept’s Telependant is the only medical alert that allows you to speak & listen directly through the pendant. (OTCBB: MDHI)

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