Treat Yourself Cause Hazards

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Drinking drugs without prescription or treat yourself, have long been the habit of our society. This targeted treatment is not exactly making the body more vulnerable to disease and drugs that might damage the body’s own drunk.

Not a few people who are reluctant to go to the doctor when sick. Similarly, the habit of Roni. When ill, he used to buy medicines at pharmacies, but without a prescription. “Yes there are antibiotics, there are also some drugs that were supposed to use a doctor’s prescription. In fact the pharmacy did not ask for a prescription, tuh. So that’s it, no need to go to the doctor, “said the man’s age 30 this year.

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He has admitted that should dare to take medication is used with the recipe but without the doctor’s instructions, because some times see a similar case and the same type of drug taken. “Hence, I fit a hit, so just buy the drug directly and it was healed,” said a company employee was information technology.

A mother who lives in Bekasi also revealed a similar thing. “Several times I was often delayed or not at all to the doctor when my son was sick. I just know what his illness, continued to live and purchase the medicine at the pharmacy, “said 35-year-old woman who happened to work as assistant pharmacist is. He added, “Usually doctors also prescribe drugs that-that’s all. So I memorized. My son was also recovered, tuh. ”

Similar experience is also usually carried a man who lives in Central Java with the disease gout. “I certainly do not purposely to a specialist in Rheumatology. Out expensive, though. My purchase of bottled herbal medicine. The pain disappeared. It means’ a herbal medicine that works, “he said.

However, after the father of three children was a heart attack, one of them because of the apparently taking herbal medicine mixed with chemicals, he claimed to be cured.



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